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8 In 1 Cleaning Kit

8 In 1 Cleaning Kit

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⌨️Keyboard Cleaner

keyboard cleaner
This kit is perfect for all types of keyboards. For mechanical, gaming, or office keyboards, use the keycap remover to easily remove keys (compatible with trapezoidal keycaps) and then use the retractable keyboard brush to clean thoroughly.

🎧 Airpod Cleaner

airpod cleaner

The included silicone and plastic nip is tailor-made for cleaning Airpod and any earbuds. It's designed to ensure your listening experience stays crystal clear.

📺 Screen Cleaner

Our screen cleaner is perfect for Phones and Tablets. Simply spray evenly, then wipe with a high-fiber cloth included in the cleaning box. For stubborn spots, use a glasses cloth for a pristine finish.

Versatile Stand Holder for Enhanced Convenience

stand holder

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Why You Need Our Cleaning Kit: Timely Maintenance for Your Earpods and Phone!

  • Why is it important to clean your electronic devices regularly?

    Most people keep their phone on them at all times and use it more than any other item during the course of a day. However, the average person often overlooks the importance of keeping it clean. Consider this: every time you pick up your phone, you bring it in close proximity to your eyes, nose, and mouth. This innocent act can expose you to a host of germs.

  • How dirty can our electronic devices actually be?

    Surprisingly dirty! Researchers have found that mobile phones can harbor an alarming number of pathogens, as they come into contact with faces, ears, lips, and hands of users with varying health conditions. In a 2009 study, bacteria removed from personal calling devices were examined, revealing the extent of contamination.

  • How frequently should I clean my phone, earphones, and laptop?
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